Raft Foundation Design:

Ground condition: Clay and Dolomite

A raft foundation is a reinforced concrete slab under the whole of a building or extension, ‘floating’ on the ground as a raft floats on water. This type of foundation spreads the load of the building over a larger area than other foundations, lowering the pressure on the ground.

Strip Footing Foundation Design:

A Strip footing is a continuous strip of concrete that serves to spread the weight of a load-bearing wall across an area of soil.

1st Floor Slab Design:

Roof Slab Design:

(Insitu Slab or Beam and Block or Echo slabs)

Structural Steel Design:

Off Shutter Concrete And Steel Design:

Renovation – Raft Foundation Design add on:

Renovations – Strip Footing Foundation Design add on:

Administor and Release of Certificates: 


  1. SANS10400 FROM 2 :  Letter of Appointment
  2. SANS10400 FORM 4:  Completion Certificate
  3. NHBRS:  FORM   B1 & EF003